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It all started with a phone call!
Our Story
Ray and I met for the first time in April 1999, after "dating" over the phone for 8 months. Finally meeting each other in person was beyond scary, but within 11 days, we were engaged, and knew we were meant to be together. We spent 31 days with each other before we married, but we haven't looked back since, this is our story.

I "met" my husband over the phone in 1997. He was a Marine down at Camp LeJeune in North Carolina (a long way from NH!) We talked on the phone and although he was 4 years older than me, we had a lot in common. So we exchanged addresses and promised to write and swap photo's. Well of course in 'guy' language that meant: (I'll wait till I see your picture so I know if this is going to be worth my time) So I wrote him a quick getting to know you letter and sent along a picture (one where my hair looked good, and I weighed about 120 lbs, who cares if it was 3 years old!) we carried on, writing letters and talking on the phone and eventually got email accounts.

When he left to go on ship for 9 months I thought well thats it, but to my surprise I recieved a few 'intoxicated' phone calls from Italy and Turkey and the letters kept coming. By the time he came home to NC I knew 2 things. 1: I was in love with him 2: My parents were going to kill me! He called me one night in August of '98 and told me that he loved me. We decided to 'date' over the phone. Sounds romantic doesn't it? But for me it was perfect. With my Social Anxiety Disorder dating had always been a problem, but now I wouldn't have to do anything that embarrassed me. We sent each other gifts, talked for hours, and racked up $300 phone bills.

April of '99 rolled around and there was huge trouble in Kosovo, he was put on warning that they could ship out at any time and I was on edge for weeks. One night the phone rang really late, he told me his stomach was killing him, and that there was more talk of going over to Kosovo possibly within a day or 2. I was a basket case. The next day my mom looked awful when I came home, I knew something had happend. She said she'd talked with Ray, just then the phone rang, it was him and he said the 4 sweetest words I've ever heard. Not, 'will you marry me?' but 'I have a hernia' well I was extatic! All of his buddies shipped out oversea's and he went in for surgery. He'd have 30 days sick leave and light duty. Yeah! No war! I thought, I was home free. I was wrong. After his surgery he was feeling great. 'I'm bored down here, I have more weeks off, I want to come visit you' he said. Oh my god! is what I thought. He'd been going on and on about wanting to marry me, I was only 19, how would I explain to my parents that this 23 yearold man was driving to NH with the intentions on proposing to their daughter?

The morning Ray arrived I thought I'd die of fright/excitement/fear you name it. I couldn't believe we'd known each other all this time and were just now about to meet face-2-face. Well, everything went perfectly. I took a few days off and we drove around New England, he met my whole family and within 11 days he proposed. My parents didn't kill me after all, but they weren't to thrilled at first. We planned our wedding for November 20th 1999. Only 7 months away. I'd be 20 he'd be 24. I went down to Arkansas to meet his parents, and he came up to visit again in September. It was hell being apart like that. While we were "dating" over the phone it was easy, but after we spent time together, and knew what it was like to see and feel the other person it was awful to be without them. We made it through and were married on Nov. 20th after spending 31 days together and now 4 years later were still just as happy as we were on that day, planning our future and looking forward to having children.
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