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PreConception Baby Journal
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Baby Names

Top 3: Olivia, Emma, Chloe
First: Zoe, Emmalyn, Ryleigh, Kendall, Ashley, Madison, Sarah, Hannah, Avonlea
Middle: Rose, Eve, Eden, Claire, Grace, Kate

We're Leaning Towards: Colby Scott (Scott is Lindsey's Grandmother's maiden name)
First: Aidan, Caleb, Bailey, Owen, Reece, Colin, Quinn
Middle: Tucker, Fynn, Tristan, Alexander, Nicholas

Birth Stuff

Lindsey's Mother, Step Father & Sister Will Be Present During The Birth

We've decided on "A Mom's Place" @ "Catholic Medical Center" as our place of choice for birth. A Mom's Place is a beautiful new facility in NH with amazing rooms and staff. I've chosen the "Narragansett Suite" named for my home town of Goffstown. They offer: Water Births, HypnoBirthing, Midwives, Doula's, a Kitchen in Suite, and a bed for your family to sleep on. They allow you to follow whatever birth option you prefer, but you get the security of knowing there's a Dr. on hand, just in case. We're planning on going the Midwife route with a 'Family Oriented' birth plan as long as their are no complications (here's hoping!) Our Parenting and Lamaze classes will be at the 'Birthing Center' in NH just a town away from where we live.

Baby Stuff

We've chosen a Beatrix Potter 'Peter Rabbit' Theme for our nursery.
White Wicker Bassinet ~ Pregnancy Calendar ~ Tons of Books ~ Heirloom High Chair ~ Car Seat Crib Sheet Sets ~ Car Seat Cover ~ Onsie's ~ Hats ~ Clothes ~ 'What to Expect When Your Expecting' Baby Name Books ~ Framed Artwork ~ A stuffed Peter Rabbit ~ Maternity Clothes

Our BabyMood:

Well, it's official! We're going to start trying next August, that gives us 11 months to get a house and figure out our job situations. Exactly one year from now I could be pregnant w/ you, the thought blows my mind. Your Dad can't wait, and I have to admit I'm getting kinda antsy myself. It all just seems so real and tangible now that we've set an 'official' date. I'm excited and terrified at the same time. ~ Mommy ~

We've been doing lots of house hunting, and we're thinking about purchasing my parents house this summer if they move. That means you'll grow up in the same house I did. A little freaky I know! We've been having a lot of baby/pregnancy cravings lately :) It's hard working w/ all these beautiful kids all day. Sometime's I just stare at the mom's w/ there little one's and think "Why can' that be me?" I know it can be, just not yet. Mommy and Daddy really thought they'd be pregnant by now, but we know we have to wait a while longer and get some stuff done. It's just really hard some days, because we haven't quite figured out how we'll achieve the life we want (me as a stay-at-home-mom) it turns out I'm the money maker w/ the best insurance, but my dream has always been to be a SAHM. Somedays it seems hopeless, but then I realize that no matter what happens, we will have kids, it will work out, and they'll be loved unconditionally whether I work or not. I promise to update this more often though. ~ Mommy ~

I know, we haven't written in a while. We're trying to find a house so you'll have a yard and all kinds of great stuff. It's not as easy as Daddy and I thought it was going to be :( Everyone seems to be wanting to know why we've waited so long to have you, (We'll have been married 5 by the time your concieved) I have to tell you, we're fighting over girls names but your all set if your a boy. We have so much stuff for you that we're running out of room in our storage unit!!! We can barely fit in your stuff but mommy and daddy just can't help themselves when it comes to stuff for you :) ~ Mommy & Daddy ~

I was thinking that your probably going to be huge knowing my luck! But other than that I think you'll have blue eyes (like dad and me) medium/dark brown hair (like dad and me) full eyebrows, and curly hair. Hopefully if your going to be tall like your dad, you'll wait till after your out of the womb to sprout your lanky bod. ~ Mommy ~

Hey Kid! We cruised through the baby section @ Wal-Mart today and your dad had a field day looking at all the strollers. He insists you need a big high-tech stroller w/ shocks and all kinds of fancy stuff. (Just so he can play w/ it I'm sure!) We definitely found some stuff to buy when your born! Your dad's wondering if it's possible to be to prepared. I doubt it :) ~ Mommy & Daddy ~

Well kid I'm your father. Your mom and I are on the couch thinking of what to put, write or even do in this book. I must say your mother is going crazy already. We just started this about an hour ago and she has been working non stop ever since. Pulling stuff out of magazines and pasting them in here. She's coloring an Eeyore picture for the book right now. Just so youknow, I do a lot of the cooking and stuff. I'm not sure where we'll be living when you read this, but right now we live in an apartment in Merrimack, NH. I'mWell I'd better let your mom write a few words. I love you. Can't wait until you are born. Well I can't wait until your concieved either :) ~ Daddy ~

We've started this journal so we could write down the hopes and aspirations we have for you. As well as names we're thinking about, and articles we find interesting. Just fun stuff we hope to share w/ you someday. Right now we live in an apartment in Merrimack. Uncle John comes to visit a lot and keeps asking when we're going to get on the ball and have a neice or nephew for him. Grandma and Grandpa Stumpf live only a few minutes away. Out in the world "Harry Potter" books and Britney Spears are all the rage. Hopefully, something better will be cool when your time comes. I already have many books for Daddy and I to read to you after your here :) We've collected all kinds of little goodies for you, lots of stuff w/ rubber duckies (Mom's fav!) ~ Mommy ~

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About 3 years ago we started a "PreConception Journal" to record our favorite baby names, things we've purchased, and general thoughts we have for our future little monster. We plan to start trying in August 2005!
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